1. Amplitude

From the recording Escape to Anywhere

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I've been gone for too long, and you know
You think that you know, but you're wrong
You come to me with your merit badge of shame
I know your reasons but mine aren't the same
they're not the same

You don't have to stay this doesn't have to be
and if you run away I wouldn't disagree
I loved you, but we're too far apart
scratch beneath the surface and you'll find an empty heart
and I'm leavin'

I feel I'm alive again
Feel free to tell your lies to them
I can't bring that moment back
you're still living in the past,
I'm leavin'

Love became nostalgia for the way we used to feel
We never even noticed that the amplitude was real
We came so very far just to wonder who we are
and digging through the reasons like we're picking at the scars

We don't have the time to throw away
Wasting breath on yesterday
The tide won't stop for passing storms
The time is gone I'm movin' on