From the recording Escape to Anywhere

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Heaven said it's time to go
But I just started calling this my home
Together but I'm all alone
Gonna have to do this on my own
Never know when it's the end
But I will still be calling you my friend
Sooner, later, say goodbye
We're all just weary passengers in time

Let the sun set outside my patio
door once more
Tell me you remember
like before
Cause' if I knew the reason,
well I would say
The future's so uncertain
Closing like a velvet curtain
and all that really mattered
was today

Standing on the edge of time
looking back at what I thought was mine
No one wants to let it go
But when the time is right then you will know
I wish you'd be my company
The river's running under me
The music's playing wonderfully
If I had another chance
Watch the sunset outside my patio door
once more
Please tell me that you remember
the way it was before
Cause' if I could tell you the reasons
I'm gladly tell you more
The future isn't given
The beauty is this life we're livin'
All that ever really mattered was today